Confirmation Class

Confirmation Class meets on Sundays in between the morning Masses in the parish library. For all dates please see the Confirmation Calendar

Other important documents: Confirmation Contract, Sponsor Eligibility Form

For more information about Confirmation registration and paperwork, contact our Director of Religious Education Tara Collins (

In order to help prepare you to receive the sacrament of Confirmation we will be using two different programs: Decision Point by Dynamic Catholic and YOU: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body by Ascension Press. All of the videos we watch for Decision Point are also available online or through their app! Check out the Decision Point website here. Parents and Sponsors can learn more by clicking here. There are also online resources for the YOU program here!

If you ever have any questions about the class, please email Madi (

January 6
This week, we did an opening reflection on gifts and Epiphany. You are a gift from God! We reviewed 12 Great Reasons to be Catholic, read 9.4, and added two reasons to the list. We read Jer 29:11 and talked about plans. We then read 10.1 and discussed questions 1-3 on p. 246.
Things to keep in mind as we prepare for Confirmation (Quick Review)
Attend mass
Attend class
Meet with your sponsor
Do service
Go to Reconciliation
Pray every day

Finally, we watched the video for 10.3, answered and discussed questions 1-3 on p. 256, and did a mini Bible Study with Joshua 24: 14-22 and Dt 30:15.