Greeters help people to feel welcomed at St. Francis as they enter Church on Sundays for Mass. Smiles, handshakes, and kind words are in order. This ministry should be conducted with reverence for God and respect towards the other people attending the liturgy.

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I. Preparation

The greeters plan to arrive 25 minutes before the scheduled start time for liturgy. Greeters should know where bulletins, registration cards, and other useful items are located in the narthex. They should be able to direct people to the bathrooms and water fountains as well as the Church Hall and offices. Greeters should be aware of which priests are around on any given Sunday.
II. Dress

The ruling principal for dress is modesty. Greeters should not be dressed to draw attention to themselves. Rather, they should be dressed to reflect the reverence and respect required for this ministry. Dress should not physically hamper the conducting of the duties of the greeter.

At minimum, men should be dressed in a nice shirt and slacks.

Women may wear slacks, skirts, or dress outfits.

III. Prayer

Before greeters begin their ministry, they should take a few moments to mentally review what their duties are. They should reflect on the importance and significance of their ministry. They should ask God to help them serve God and their brothers and sisters well.
IV. Greeting

  1. A greeter should be stationed at the wooden doors leading to the driveway, another by the clear doors leading to the green space in front of the Church, and a third by the St. Francis painting.
  2. Greeters should welcome parishioners and guests as they enter the Church. Smiling, greeters should be ready to offer a handshake or a kind word as people enter.
  3. If people need directions such as where the bathrooms are or help finding items such as the bulletin, the greeters should be willing and able to give this information to them.
  4. If someone needs special assistance for seating, greeters should make the ushers aware of this need.
  5. Once the priest lines up for the procession, greeters can go into Mass.